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PostSubject: Donating Unlocking The World   Donating Unlocking The World EmptyTue Dec 07, 2010 2:10 pm

Donating Unlocking The World Donate_small
I'm needing some help to maintain this site. Please help me by donating some money to this project. I know that the site is a bit small, but I like this project. And I know that for sure more people like it too. The cost of this site is very low, just $10 US Dollars, but I want you to help me with some money, just too make sure the site grow and that the users are liking it.

When you donate me some amount, you're encouraging me to continue with this project, don't matter how much it is. Even if it's just $0.1 I will be very happy Smile

Remember that users that donated will get the VIP status and have access to a section of this forum where you can get free applications that were bought by me. Also we are thinking to share some RapidShare Premium accounts for the VIPs. The explanation will be given on the next post that is below this one

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Donating Unlocking The World
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