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 How to Delete themes in S60 3rd Edition

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PostSubject: How to Delete themes in S60 3rd Edition   Wed Oct 06, 2010 9:17 pm

How to Delete themes in S60 3rd Edition

Guys I hope you all know that from S60 3rd edition onwards, themes can't be deleted if not shown in Application manager, so I have put a tutorial, how to delete the themes.

1. Connect your phone to PC in MASS STORAGE mode or insert the Mini SD into card reader
2. Goto your memory card root, you should be able to find PRIVATE folder, if not make sure you SHOW HIDDEN files in folder options of your PC
3. Find the folder named 10207114
4. If you want to completely delete all the themes installed in the memory card, Delete all the CONTENTS inside the IMPORT folder
5. If you want to delete only 1 theme, open the .skn file with notepad, it will show the theme name, if you want to delete the particular theme, delete only the theme folder you wish to delete.
6. Do not delete the IMPORT OR PRIVATE folder

Thats it, ur themes in memory card are completely REMOVED!!!

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How to Delete themes in S60 3rd Edition
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